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Igniting a New Humanity


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Christos & The Flame of Ra

The Untold Story of Eternal Life

“We wish to tell a story…a story that you know, but have forgotten. A story of landscapes so familiar, yet hidden. A story of characters so unique, yet resonant. A story rich with jewels of truth, waiting to be discovered.” ~ The Masters

Join other awakening Beings from around the world and immerse yourself in a carefully designed sacred space with The Masters and I as we journey together into a deep and powerful remembrance.

Imparted over 2 weeks in 4 “Acts” the stage will be set and the story will unfold upon the canvas of your own awareness. A magnificent demonstration of creation, as each participant will have a unique experience and perspective within the story itself. Together, as a field of resonance, we then bring it to life.

It will be a new experience for me as a channeller, and although I have sense of trepidation, I am also excited to have the opportunity to be present to the unfolding of this wisdom.

Even if you are unable to attend one of more of the “Acts” live, if you are registered you will receive the recordings the following day to enjoy in your own time. Two sessions a week over two weeks.

I know it will be rich with detail, truth and long forgotten wisdom…I look forward to sharing it with you.

Starts March 7/8 2023


Rebecca Dawson

The planet and its population are undergoing the greatest transition since its creation, a paradigm shift that will fundamentally change our view of how our reality is designed…and how we as humans exist and create within it.

We are witnessing and experiencing the convergence of all that Is, the reunion into One. As we return to Origin the complete blueprints for humanity and its grand design become visible and accessible, and create new possibilities for the New Earth and the New Human. This space is designed to be a portal to more of You… a space for exploring the truth of your original design and potential… a place to connect, resonate, remember and enjoy a collective community of people, who like you, are awakening more fully to their true essence.