Igniting a New Humanity












We find ourselves in an unprecedented time for humanity – a time when there is an incredible awakening of consciousness, and also a time of great confusion.

Clarity for the feeling of solidity within, confusion for the apparent chaos unfolding in our exterior world. Many of us are noticing a feeling the contrast between how we FEEL as our inner truth, and what we HEAR in our exterior reality. The inner calm versus the outer calamity. How this has become the Great Reversal!

For several years now the Masters have been talking about a change in reality that coincides with a reversal in our sense of direction, a reversal in the electromagnetic poles on the planet, and a reversal in where we place our trust. A reversal in where our beliefs are born and held.

This is happening right now.

When great reversals occur, we step beyond time for a moment. Everything appears to slow down, even stop, then whoosh, we are in something new. Just as the pendulum slows as it nears the peak of experience (in this case 3D duality), we are now slowing down all the systems and structures built upon 3D systems and beliefs. Just in time for the next great acceleration towards a new experience for humanity. Yes, this is the material world now being ushered into 5D. And when it happens, it happens FAST.

Just as when you sit on a swing, when you are in full motion and have hit the maximum height, there is a moment of pause, sometimes of terror, when you are not sure what will happen next. Suspended in the air, held up by nothing, secured by nothing, acutely aware in that moment that you are in the “zero” point and cannot sense gravity. In that moment there is no sense of direction.

The Masters have shared that this year 2-0-2-0 is the year of “Shared Experience”, and we are certainly all sharing this experience of global movement that is seemingly being ignited by a perceived virus. This is an experience that is levelling for all of humanity.

2-0-2-0 also indicates another kind of levelling…from 3D systems of duality (2) to a new paradigm of creation that begins with no direction (0). The zero point is the dawning of the new humanity. The bell is ringing on hierarchical structures in our world. Humanity is reaching full swing.

And what’s the most 3D experience you have as a human? Your BODY. And here we are being encouraged by our leaders and governments to be with ourselves. To be present with our bodies. For many of us, we are being asked to be in isolation.

From an exterior view, this could look like separation, like limitation, like intimidation. However, for the interior experience it can be consolidation, validation, and appreciation for the totality that we are as humans. A time to completely be with your inner truth, to be with the portal that is our human body, and to truly revel in the thrill of being suspended in time and space with no sense of direction. Just like being at the top of the full swing.

This is our time to collect ourselves. All aspects of our multi-dimensional selves are converging for this Great Reversal of humanity.

This is our moment.

With you, with love



Rebecca Dawson

The planet and its population are undergoing the greatest transition since its creation, a paradigm shift that will fundamentally change our view of how our reality is designed…and how we as humans exist and create within it.

We are witnessing and experiencing the convergence of all that Is, the reunion into One. As we return to Origin the complete blueprints for humanity and its grand design become visible and accessible, and create new possibilities for the New Earth and the New Human. This space is designed to be a portal to more of You… a space for exploring the truth of your original design and potential… a place to connect, resonate, remember and enjoy a collective community of people, who like you, are awakening more fully to their true essence.