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Meet Rebecca Dawson

Hello and welcome to this space. My name is Rebecca Dawson and I have been a channel for information about the Earth, the human race and other planetary systems for over 20 years.

My identity and view of the world changed dramatically when I was 18 years old, after I spontaneously became a channel for information and wisdom. It really wasn’t part of my plan for life…I was enthusiastically studying to become an architect at the time. I was in for a huge learning curve – with no instruction manual. And no one is going to encourage an 18 year old to quit studies and become a channel….except divine consciousness!

Twenty years on, after thousands of hours expressing the wisdom of aspects such as St. Germain, Kuthumi, and Serapis Bey (who has been with me since that first occasion 23 years ago) it is time to make these resources more available and accessible. It is our human birthright to have access to knowledge and information that allows us to use our fullest capacities, know our own Mastery, and move into an awareness that humanity can create its own reality.

On this website you will find all the latest channelled information about the current state of humanity and the planet, the mechanics of dimensional reality, and the nature of Consciousness, so that you too can remember your own potential, your own wisdom, and begin to demonstrate it. This is not about surviving, it is about reclaiming your Mastery, and demonstrating the truth of your own capacity. That is creation. That is what you were born to do.

This is the time for visibility. Welcome to the New Earth.

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Explore New
with Me

The New Human Experience

Clear explanations, practical applications and revolutionary new concepts invite you to shift your view of the world, as you are guided through the changes that are happening with your physical body, your emotional experiences and your external reality.

Get clear about what is happening and why, and get ready to rediscover your Self in the New Paradigm!


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Rebecca is simply the BEST channeller I’ve found and I joyfully share her messages!

Laura - Kentucky, USA

My session with Rebecca was such a beautiful experience of being so deeply seen, felt and known - and held with such compassion.

Robin - Melbourne, Australia

The retreat was profound for me - beautifully done. Allowing the Masters to lead us all was an opportunity I am so deeply grateful for.

Claudia - Bahamas

The workshop with Rebecca and The Masters has catapulted me into a whole different plane of existence.

Kim - Perth, Australia

Rebecca is a walking, talking, portal invitation to the Infinite

Mark - London, UK

Spontaneous action is the doorway to more.