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December 2017 – Peak Intensity

Peak Intensity

Greetings to you.  We are with you.  You are experiencing an intensification of that which occurs between light particles. 

There is a magnetic force that occurs between light particles and it is akin to a movement of propulsion – and that is the movement of the universe. The propulsion between light particles is like a push and a pull, and the intensity of that propulsion has been increasing significantly in the last weeks. We are giving you this information about the propulsion because this is the time where you are going to be really feeling it.  

Now what is the energy of the propulsion about?  It is about rapid change and this is experienced where there is intensity.  Human have a natural inclination to move away from intensity.  You feel intensity – and you move away from it.  This again is a representation of of propulsion…so an increase in the rate of propulsion between light particles means that your experience of that “pressure and release” and “pressure and release” also increases.  

How does this manifest in your reality?  Intense desire for change, followed by relief back into comfort.  Now the relief for some of you is because you have taken action with that desire to change, but the relief for many of you in your inaction. 

You tell yourself “There is no pressure in this moment to change, then there is pressure for me to change my circumstances, and then there is no pressure again.”  The upswing and downturn of the Pulse. And there is confusion in you because there are moments when you feel the impetus to take action and moments when you don’t. You are not confused about the fact that you want change – you are tuning into the propulsion energy of the universe.  

What is prudent for you to understand in this moment is that the time for action is when the intensity occurs. Humans are used to waiting for the pressure to subside before they feel confident in taking action because they don’t really like to make decisions when they are feeling like they are under pressure.  The mind-brain comes in and it says “well it is just because I am anxious, and I really want to be clear about what I am doing, and I really want to be clear and comfortable about decisions I am making for change in my life”.

However, by the time you move back into that comfort again once the intensity is released, it is human nature to be content with what is in that moment of ease.  So there is an invitation here to be very clear that when you are in the intensity. You can ease yourself back in the relief but you can also ride the wave of change with the intensity. Humans believe that change is cumbersome and that change requires adjustment, and that it often requires process for you to move back into comfort again. But we say unto you that there is a wave with this propulsion and it occurs like this: intensity then relief, intensity then relief. As you experience the intensity that is the moment where there is peak creative force.

What the human will do is they will experience the intensity, ride it out and when they are back in their comfort zone they start to think “maybe I was just feeling a bit stressed”.  So they deny that intensity of creation, they deny that impetus for change. We are encouraging you to begin to feel the intensity of propulsion in that moment – this is where the inspiration comes.  When the inspiration comes at the peak of your intensity (now some of you will say the peak of your discomfort, but discomfort is a human concept) – that is when you have a glimpse of what is possible. 

We observe this in humanity very clearly, because many times it is only when the human will throw their arms up in angst that they will get clarity about what they actually want.  All I want is this!  But they are afraid that is is not real, and so when the intensity wanes they come back down into their comfort, and then they say “well it is not so bad there, I was just saying that because I was stressed.  That is not what I really want.”  And yet in that moment that is exactly what Consciousness was edging them towards.

So why is it that humans do not grasp their inspiration and make their decisions at this point?  Do you know why?  

Q: Because we feel that it is not a rational decision?

We would say because that is a very spontaneous moment.  Spontaneous inspiration that is brought about by increasing pressure.  There are many questions happening in the room as to why are we discussing such human things.  You will understand soon.

Humans have learned not create change when inspiration occurs under the situation of intensity – what you would call ‘pressure’. We call it intensified energetic propulsion.  They will wait until the intensity dissipates and then your inspiration is more about maintaining comfort than creating change.

The energy and the force of the universe is this propulsion.  Am I being pulled toward something or am I pushing for it?  So this is where you feel the pull except you translate it in terms of your own weakness, because when there is increased intensity and you seek to relieve that intensity you can do so either by moving into spontaneous inspiration and making decisions there, or you can relieve it by coming back down into comfort.

There are many of you that believe that to be spontaneous in that moment of intensification is weakness because it may be considered to be reckless. Humans are socially conditioned not to create during a peak experience because there are those that look at you and say you are reckless, you are hot-headed, you don’t really know what you are doing, you can’t commit to anything. If you are making spontaneous change how is that going to impact everybody else around you?  The stranglehold of commitment, the stranglehold of how am I going to impact others?

So we are speaking to you in this way because that propulsion intensity is increasing and has been increasing so much in the last four Earth weeks that some of you don’t know where you are.  You don’t know if you are happy or not, you don’t know if you want change or if you are completely content.  All you can feel is that you don’t know, and so some of you feel as if you are losing your grip on control, that you are losing your grip on consistency in what you believe you want. You tend to identify yourselves in terms of what you want, so some of you are losing the sense of clarity over what you really want, therefore becoming confused about your identity.

Humans are so used to having a great period of time between each level of intensity so that you can come back onto comfort and think things through before making a calculated and rational decision about change.
So why this increased intensity and increased rate of propulsion? So that you can actually transform and not stop to think about it, because when humans stop to think about what they are doing they get very confused and they start to become retrospective instead of looking towards the next wave.  

The intensity is very deliberately designed to bring the rapid transformation that is required on the planet because humanity has had too long to think about it. 

We have also spoken to you previously about time and how as the vibrational frequency on the planet increases your experience of time (because remember time is actually like a light wave) and as that begins to increase the vibrational frequency your experience of time changes so that more things happen in a seemingly condensed period.  In other words more change can happen in a short of period time.

Understand that the increase in vibrational frequency is all about intensity.  It doesn’t mean (and you know this) that your life is going to be more quieter and serene.  It means that you are going to get a greater intensity with everything, you are going to get a greater intensity with the wave of propulsion because it is happening very rapidly now.  So it is not that you are all over the place, it is that you are acutely aware of the rhythm of the planet and if you understand Consciousness on this planet you know when to make your move.  

If you want to move, if you want to transform, if you want to be creators this is your moment. 

Your moment is in the intensity.