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Themes for 2022

Dive into the global, personal and vibrational themes for 2022 with The Masters as they guide us into a new year of opportunity, magnetic wisdom and New Human potential. To…
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The Quiet Revolution

The Quiet Revolution Greetings to you, we are with you. This is not a time of deep observation, it is not a time for action, it is only a time…
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Themes for 2021 – The Unlocking of InFormation

https://youtu.be/twaxEU803CM The Annual themes message from the Masters explores the collective and personal experiences we face for 2021. This year? The shift from In-formation to Re-formation, releasing the time lock,…
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Gestation, Nesting and Nationalism – April 9 2020 Part 2

MESSAGE FROM THE MASTERS - APRIL 9 2020 PART 2 GESTATION, NESTING & NATIONALISM This is an incredible time, but it is not necessarily about birth, although birth is highly…
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Exposure, Knowledge and Agreement – April 9 2020 Part 1

MESSAGE FROM THE MASTERS 9TH APRIL 2020 PART ONE - Exposure, Acknowledgment and Agreement. Blessed Ones we are with you. As we have always been, as you have always been. …
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What is a Channeller?

Join Rebecca Dawson as she is interviewed on live radio with Lin Aubuchon and Bill Pesso at KTYD 99.9 FM Santa Barbara, discussing her role as a channeler, and why…
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Avalon Choir 2018 Message

Enjoy this channeling session which took place during the Pineal Tones Avalon Choir gathering in Bath, UK on May 23.  Greetings to you. We are with you. Do you know where…
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Tolerance in the New Energy

"Tolerance is an interesting concept because there are many that would surmise that the more spiritually conscious you are the more aware of your own self you are the more…
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Themes for 2017 – Part 1

https://youtu.be/H6xWhaydAE8 Serapis Bey (via Rebecca Dawson) explores important themes for your experience in 2017: The Quarantine; Exchange; the Cells as Portals; and Quantification of Energy. Discover how Consciousness is being experienced, and…
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Predictability vs Potentiality in 2017

What you are experiencing is the beginning of freedom.  You are a little bit like the pip that is being squeezed out of the orange so you start to feel…
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Expansion is the New Protection

It is fairly typical for sensitivity to be viewed as some sort of hinderance to everyday life. Empaths tend to bemoan the state of collective humanity, and those who are…
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ADD and the New Energy

Can the New Human way of creating present as ADD or ADHD? Channelled information from Serapis Bey explains the relationship between the two concepts in this excerpt from the Kryon Conference…
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Relationships in the New Energy

https://youtu.be/d8wGiXQW_No Feeling like you lost the "spark"? Discover how relationships on the New Paradigm are created and sustained, and how they differ to those in the past.
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The New Brain

It wasn’t that long ago that many of you would come to us and say “my brain is so full I am overwhelmed.  I have got so many thoughts in…
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Purpose in the New Energy

“...Your role as a seeker has been relinquished, your role as a light worker is being relinquished and as the idea of someone on a personal journey to achieve mastery...”
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Fragmenting Identity – The Next 3 Months

Blessed ones – greetings.  Can you see that everything that you are here for is only to really remember who you are ? It is when you come and you…

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Intensity is Where the Change Happens

https://youtu.be/LcgzRQiwxB8 Understand how experiences of intensity coincide with moments of creation in this insightful channeled message via Rebecca Dawson. Discover how to embrace your emotional intensity as you catapult into…
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The Reality of the Akash

https://youtu.be/L08HTvsx6WI What do we really know about the Akash? How does our DNA coding affect our ability to access it, and how can we access more? With channeler Rebecca Dawson,…
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Immortality: A glimpse beyond what you have known to be life and death

https://youtu.be/Xfe8JKJki2Q This is a potent message from Serapis Bey (via Rebecca Dawson) about immortality, longevity and how our DNA echoes our belief about external systems. Were we designed for life…
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Consciousness & Visibility

https://youtu.be/A7xPSxztye8 St Germain (via Rebecca Dawson) delivers a powerful message about the courage to have visibility during times of change. On location at Lake Prespa, Greece.
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Blueprint for Co-operation

Greetings to you Blessed Ones you are with us.  Where are you?  You are in the Metropolis.  We say unto you that there was a time when there were many…
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December 2017 – Peak Intensity

Greetings to you.  We are with you.  You are experiencing an intensification of that which occurs between light particles.  There is a magnetic force that occurs between light particles and…
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Oct 2017 Energy Update – The “EKBAH”

A major shift has just occurred in our timeline and experience of the planet. For the first time on aeons, the physical body can now begin to CONSCIOUSLY observe and…
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Humans have a very interesting idea about purpose.  They like to make purpose very individual.  They like to make purpose very meaningful in a special kind of way so that…
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Dropping Through the Fabric of Dimension

Greetings to you.  Well how are you all travelling?  You are not really travelling at all are you? So, what does it feel like to feel stuck in one place…