Igniting a New Humanity

This is a time of creation.
Everything is available to you here and now.


Listen to a complimentary channelled experience from St. Germain via Rebecca Dawson.

“You Are the Momentis a 7 minute channelled experience that takes you deeply into a place of remembrance of who you truly are.

Listen to this audio whenever you feel the need to connect within, be strongly present and aware of your own power.

"There’s nothing to be afraid. Everything that you see is the Light behind your eyes. You understand that anything is possible and that you exist beyond the laws of your reality."

~ St. Germain (via Rebecca Dawson)

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Rebecca Dawson is an international channeller, speaker and author who has been in practice for over 20 years. After facilitating over 2000 private consultations, Rebecca’s focus in the last 7 years has been the research and understanding of the shifts occurring for Earth and Humanity.

With the assistance of her “crew” Serapis Bey, St Germain & Kuthumi, Rebecca facilitates workshops and events around the world.

Based in Perth Australia, Rebecca works internationally in conjunction with other leading paradigm explorers and works collaboratively in many fields including natural medicine, business, education, and innovation. Ready to start exploring? Click here.