Architects of DNA



The recordings and transcripts from a small invitation only group series of 4 classes held in Feb/March 2017 are finally available!

This information is only now being released under the direction of the Masters. We have been awaiting the appropriate opening in the collective consciousness for it to be made available. That time is NOW!

This it the most powerful information the Masters have delivered about the coding and design of your DNA and cells. The content within this series of conversations contains the wisdom to completely transform your life, your history and your DNA. Participants who completed this workshop reported profound shifts in their interior and exterior experiences.

Join Serapis Bey (and guests) in guided meditation exercises that take you deeply into the world of your cells and blueprint, as the tools to change design are revealed.

In this series you will: 

  • Discover the “alphabet” of your DNA.

  • understand the coding on your chromosome pairs.

  • learn how to be the architects of change in your own reality.

  • dive deeply into the One Cell.

  • explore the Unified Field of Experience.

Over 6 hours of audio that include:

  • 8 channelled sessions

  • 3 meditations

  • A 92-page eBook

  • Guided exercises.

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