Playing with Time


Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

Playing with Time – Navigating Life as a Multidimensional Human

Almost 2 hours of new information and insight with an international teacher, author, and channeller Rebecca Dawson. You’ve been transitioning for what seems like an eternity – so why don’t things feel like they are flowing? Could we be moving between timelines, and not just along with them? What does this mean for history … and our future? Are we designed to be time travelers?

Come and join the conversation with Ascended Masters – Serapis Bey and St Germain and discover how the timelines on the planet are changing, how this affects you, and how moving amongst them can create more impact and ease in your life.

Be prepared to have your mind blown …. this is an exhilarating ride into Multidimensionality!
(Filmed 27th May 2017, Perth Australia)

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