The Lost Element


Audio and Transcript Package
8 tracks & a 45-page eBook

You are invited to join us for a powerful and unforgettable experience of discovery, remembrance and empowerment as we invite you on a journey into the forgotten history of your Self.

This set of 8 audios and accompanying eBook of transcripts was recorded during The Lost Element event on April 29th 2018 in Perth Australia, and includes 3 guided meditations.

Drawn from recent revelations and unlocked secrets from the human blueprint, you will be taken into the forgotten world of the Original Human. Discover your ancient heritage, learn about the history of the human race, and reignite the dormant capacity within your DNA.

Facilitated with channeled guidance from Masters Serapis Bey, St Germain and guests, you will experience:

– NEW information and insights into Human Origin.
– Channeled meditation and energy exercises.
– New perspective on your cells, DNA, and what they were designed for.
– Understanding of the universal elements and how they relate to your life.
– Remembrance of inherent “power” and how to create with it.

There are 8 audios in this collection – including 3 guided meditations (over 3 hours of audio recordings) and a 45-page downloadable eBook containing all the transcriptions.

May you enjoy this powerful experience of reclaiming your hidden power!

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