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It wasn’t that long ago that many of you would come to us and say “my brain is so full I am overwhelmed.  I have got so many thoughts in here I can’t deal with it – it is too much”.  And yet what is happening right now?  “There is nothing in here – I am worried!  I can’t access my memories, I can’t think, nothing is coming to me”.

What is actually happening is that your brain is losing its ability to work with the old grid structures.  The chemistry in your brain and the electric (we will use the word “synaptic”) connections are starting to move away from the old grids which means that the thought processes you used to use aren’t working for you anymore.  If you are trying to go back in time and remember something it is hard work for you.  If you are trying to visualise something in the future it is going to be very difficult for you.

​​We are going to give you an exercise to try:

We ask you to try to imagine what is going to happen in the next hour and walk yourself through it.  You are  going to find it very challenging.  You probably won’t believe that this is a challenging exercise, but it will be.  You are so used to being able to do that, but you will start to notice “my brain won’t work in sequential format anymore”.  It won’t.  The synapses in the brain are becoming so multi-dimensional now that it is going to take a lot of effort for you to continue using only linear synaptic connections.  Very very difficult.

There is a reason for this and it is quite brilliant actually.  This new movement away from linear and sequential type thinking is allowing you to access what isn’t stored there rather than what you have put there in the past. Because the mind-brain grids can only give you what has been put there in the past.  Now those of you who are intuitive know that when you move into intuition you are not actually using your brain but you are still accessing information.  So the kind of information the brain normally accesses is very structured, sequential and largely depends on what has already been put in there. Because you are moving into a new era on the planet now with new knowledge, new space, new ways of doing things, that old information is not going to be very useful to you, especially as all the structures on the planet are going to change over the next 30 to 50 years.  All this effort you put into storing information in your brain – none of it will be very valid or applicable.  What will be valuable and applicable is all the collective information in consciousness that can help you to build something that is not here yet.  That can help you to know things that you don’t have memory of.  So the intuition really starts to increase because you stop working within these 3D brain grids.

Now there is something else happening within the brain at this time and it hurts sometimes.  So those of you that are experiencing the vertigo and the headaches there is something that is happening here.  There is an energetic movement happening that is designed to get the two hemispheres to start working together in a more cohesive way.  You will be feeling the effect of this in tightness around the head at this time as well and over time it will continue but you will find that your intuition increases significantly over this period. Expect to be having a lot of fun with this in the months ahead when it really starts to come together!